Our Portfolio of Clients

Our clients have one common attribute, a tremendous vision!  They know what they want to achieve!  Whether entrepreneurial or conglomerate in their size, local in their focus or international in their scope, they each have a unique set of characteristics.

They crave quality products and services!  They see knowledgeable resources and people!  They envision strong relationships with their suppliers and vendors, and seek satisfied customers and clients!  And, they each know that their performance can be improved, but they realize they need help in achieving that reality.

Our clients realize that transforming their organization’s vision into reality requires assistance and effectiveness in unifying and executing their strategies, culture, projects, processes, and technology.  Orchestrating their success means business transformation and performance management that is meaningful and realistic.  Not just for the short-term, but for the long-term as well!  Our clients also recognize that transforming their vision into a measurable reality requires the support and expertise of knowledgeable experts from outside their organization.

If this describes your organization as well, then you too can enjoy the prosperity of transforming your organization’s vision into a meaningful and measurable reality.  To learn how you can join our expanding list of clients who are transforming their vision into a measurable reality, please contact us.


"We are frequently skeptical of external consultants, however the cost reduction and efficiency solutions you developed with our team were outstanding! The leadership Oculus provided was essential to our administrative team's reengineering success!"
President & Chief Executive Officer
Brillion Iron Works, Inc.
"The direction we were given through our strategic planning process with Oculus enabled and motivated us to pursue more efficient and effective operations internally, as well as enhancing our relationships with partner organizations!"
State Government Agency
"Oculus always exceeds our expectations. Our reliance on the Oculus Consulting Group provides excellent returns on our consulting & advisory investments."
Finance Director
"Oculus provided me with practical advice in laying the administrative foundation for a new program -- without stifling my creativity. Their continued support has been invaluable to the implementation and development of my program, which is now recognized as a national model!"
Program Coordinator
State Government Agency
"We consider Oculus to be simply the best, and the first to contact when we need external advice. Their focus on our satisfaction is a refreshing change!"
Chief Financial Officer
Foundry & Metal Casting Company
"Oculus excels in their professionalism, relating to the client's needs, and providing technically sound expertise & advice. I consider them to be the ultimate consulting partner!"
CASE Corporation
"Oculus enabled us to efficiently set our goals & strategies so we could get on with the business of serving our clients!"
State Government Agency
"Oculus consultants do whatever it takes to satisfy the customer. Our returns from their advice easily exceed the cost of their services!"
Vice President
CASE Corporation
"Their project architecture methodology will be the standard model for all our future projects!"
Vice President

Client Case Studies

Our clients have one common attribute, a tremendous vision! They know what they want to achieve!  To learn more about our success in transforming an organization’s vision into a new measurable reality, you may find these case studies informative.

Technology Upgrade & Implementation

A Global Financial Services Organization

Organizational Transformation, Project Architecture, and Performance Management

A Global Online Advertising and Recruiting Organization

Strategy & Performance Management

A Leading State Mental Health Organization

Balanced Strategic Planning & Performance Management

A Premier Land-Grant Higher Education Institution

Performance Measurement & Management

A State Governor's Office

Project Architecture & Management

A Global Multimedia and Educational Resource Publisher

Business Process Reengineering & Organizational Transformation

A Global Online Advertising and Recruiting Organization

Project Architecture & Management

A National Natural Gas and Energy Distribution Organization

Technology Selection & Implementation

A State Alcohol Beverage Control Agency

How an Organizational Vision Became a Measurable Reality

What do you do with a hodgepodge of finance systems and processes? How do you reign in costs and processes that are out of control? With more than 2 dozen facilities each boasting their own financial management systems and diverse processes, CASE Corporation executives faced this exact situation. The task could seem onerous to even the bravest of executives. For CASE Corporation the answer was obvious. They needed to reengineer!

In the face of intense competition and other business pressures, CASE devised a global vision for their accounting processing and an integrated financial system solution.

Oculus Consulting Group resources played key roles and provided valuable assistance in the execution of our client’s vision by providing knowledgeable expertise and resources who:

  • Conducted project oversight & management
  • Designed, developed, & implemented a worldwide vision of systems and processes for Accounts Receivable functions
  • Designed, developed, & implemented a worldwide vision of systems and processes for Accounts Payable functions
  • Organized, executed, and implemented worldwide integration of the global finance center vision establishing finance centers in Europe, North America, and Australia.

Transforming the CASE Corporation vision for financial transaction processes and integrated systems resulted in a measurable reality that includes:

  • 1996 = Finalist in 3 Reach Award categories
  • 1997 = Winners of Best-in-Class in 2 categories: Internal Audit Operations and Accounting Processing
  • 1998 = Overall Champion of the CFO Magazine Reach Award and Winners of Best-in-Class in 4 categories: Treasury Operations, Tax Operations, Customer Processing, and Accounting Processing.

When it comes to transforming your vision for accounting processes and integrated financial systems into a measurable reality, Oculus Consulting Group has the demonstrated knowledge and recognized expertise to help you achieve a world class best practice reality.

To learn more about CASE Corporation’s success in reengineering their accounting and finance business processes, checkout the CFO magazine January 1999 edition.

To identify how Oculus Consulting Group can help your process reengineering vision become a measurable reality, please contact us directly.

If you need assistance transforming your organization’s performance into a new a measaurable reality, please contact us.

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