Strategy Services

Every organization regardless of its industry, location, environment, or longevity has at least one strategy.  To remain in existence. Additional strategies can be externally or internally defined.  These strategies are not your vision nor are they your mission.  Simply stated, they are the “how” to your achieving your vision and mission.

When left to their own devices, your functional departments will inevitably pursue a strategy that is dictated by their own initiatives. Unfortunately, the summation of these departmental approaches to strategy rarely equates to the best overall strategies and the best measurable reality that you have envisioned for your organization. How do you know that you’re making the measurable progress that you require to remain in existence?

At Oculus Consulting Group, we bring together a comprehensive framework, a combination of analytical techniques, and your organization’s collaborative involvement to analyze your organization’s evolution, strategies, competitors, and position to translate your strategic vision into a measurable reality. Our unique skills and collaborative approaches look at your organization’s broad formula for how you do business, what your goals should be, and what policies and tactics will be needed to carry out your goals with measurable results. Then, we help you implement them to achieve the measurable reality you expect.

To identify how your organizational strategy & vision can become a measaurable reality, please contact us.

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Examples of Our Competence

"The direction we were given through our strategic planning process with Oculus enabled and motivated us to pursue more efficient and effective operations internally, as well as enhancing our relationships with partner organizations!".
State Government Agency

Service Offering: Organizational Strategy, Performance Measurement & Management

Establishing a higher education institution's balanced strategic planning & measurement process

"Oculus enabled us to efficiently set our goals & strategies so we could get on with the business of serving our clients!"
State Government Agency

To learn more about how our strategy services transformed an organization’s vision into a measurable reality, you may access our evidence here!

To identify how your organizational strategy & vision can become a measurable reality, please contact us.

To obtain copies of our insightful thought leadership on business strategy, visit our Library!